You have better things to do…

Place your project
in capable hands.

We’ve edited New York Times bestselling authors.
We’ve created projects for internationally-renowned speakers.
We’ve designed for mega-church pastors.
We’ve made books for rock stars.

But when we’re working with you…you’re the rock star!

At Lamp Post, we have adopted what we call a “Servant Attitude.”

We believe it is OUR privilege to serve YOU.

That giving us your business should prove easier, be less costly, and result in a better product for you.

You should feel confident that your livelihood or your labor of love is in competent hands that care about the final outcome of your project.

You should be able to turn over your materials and…well, relax.

Or at least go back to doing what it is you enjoy.

That’s our job.
Serving you with better service.
Serving you with better printing.
Serving you with better pricing.
Serving you.

Contact us today to find out how we can serve your printing and publishing needs.