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It’s your book.  You put your heart and soul into it.  It deserves the best.  Let us help you turn your book into the masterpiece you dreamt it to be!

What we do

Lamp Post is a full service print & design company.  We’ll take you from concept to product.  We don’t just put ink on paper, we make you look good. Whether you need one service or full service, we’re here to help!

Editing & Design

You wrote the book, let us bring your manuscript to life! Make sure  your book has what it needs to stand out, not just on the shelf, but in the hands of the reader. Your book is important to you. We get it. It’s important to us too.

Printing & Publishing

If you can think it, we can make it. We know printing:  You want Quality, Good Pricing, and Timely Production. Trust us to help you bring your project from concept into completion,  from an idea into a product in your hands.


You’ve done the work. We’ve got it from here. You should be able to turn over your materials and…well, relax. Sit back. Grab a cup of coffee. Start your next book.  Or at least go back to doing what it is you enjoy. That’s our job.

You’re in capable hands!

Whatever you need, we have the experience to get it done!

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