We turn Ideas into Reality!

You wrote the manuscript.
Let us make the book.

We bring your manuscript to life!  For over 25 years we have designed thousands of interiors and covers to be brought to market. We not only understand what looks good, but what prints properly.  Your book is important to you.  We get it.  It’s important to us too.

The world of publishing has changed.  It is easier to create, design, and sell a book than ever before.  But the difference between them is the quality of the finished product.  Make sure that your book has what it needs to stand out, not just on the shelf, but in the hands of the reader.

Send us your manuscript and we will give you a free estimate in any or all of the services below:

Our copyeditors will help you correct grammar and punctuation, check word usage for clarity and repetition, examine inconsistencies, and confirm spelling integrity, while maintaining your original style and voice.  Copyediting services are determined on a per-project basis, depending upon the length and state of the manuscript.

One last look from a new set of eyes is more beneficial than you might imagine.  Check your punctuation, find those typos, catch that elusive mistake.  We’ll make sure your manuscript is as clean as can be.  Services begin at $500.

Interior Design / Typesetting:
This is where we shine!  Book design is more than words on a page. Margins, fonts, line spacing, all come into play in the readability of your book. Even good books get put down over poor interior design. Keep them turning the page! We bring art and technique together to make your words come alive!  Services range from $1000 – $2500.

Cover Design:
Your cover is the first point of contact.  Imagery, Titles, and Taglines alone can sell a book.  Let us help you send the message that this book is worth reading!  Cover design services begin at $600.

A readable electronic format is just as important as a readable print book.  We can convert your print book into an ebook, cohesive with your original and complete with easy-to-use functionality.  Services begin at $200.

Audiobooks are a 3.5 billion dollar industry!  People love listening to books while they travel and work.  A quality audiobook can be an important part of your publishing process.  Let us help you find quality talent to read your book, or guide you through the process to read it yourself!  We can produce your book and make it available alongside your print offering.  Audiobook services are determined on a per-project basis, depending upon the length of the manuscript.

Your book is ready for press!  Now what?  On consultation we will help you determine the best method of print for your title (Print-on-Demand or Press…or both), which distribution source is best for you (we’ll even help create accounts and load files), how many books to order (we will never sell you too many…who has all that garage space?), and how to get your books available online as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our greatest success is to hear you say: “I’m published!”