When asked what writing to edify means to him, author Aaron Harris had this to say:

So much of what our society has become is about the idea of competition. We take so much pride in the concept of earning things. I would even go as far as to say we treat it like a religion of sorts. Whatever you put into something is what you’ll get from it.

Very seldom, however, do we stop and wonder how our hard work affects someone else. The work Christ did for use was certainly edifying. Can people today say the same thing? Can I? Can you? So many of us strive to be the best because we want to be better than someone else. Competition is about make yourself better than others for the benefit of yourself.

Edification is about making others better for the benefit of others. It’s funny how the word “edify” is never used in reference to oneself, but in reference to another person. We never say how we’re going to edify our house, or our bank accounts, or our cars or material possessions. When we talk about edifying, we talk about people.

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