In a message delivered at the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild Conference in 2010, Lamp Post Publisher Brett Burner speaks about his vision for Lamp Post and the Christian writing community in Writing to Edify.

“The goal or mission of Lamp Post is to provide quality Christian content in all genres, ” he says. “But with our stories, whether comics and graphic novels, novels, short stories, youth books, romance, etc., the thing I am looking for most is something that will edify the reader. I like a story that in some way the reader will say, “I can identify with this!” I read a novel once where one of the characters, dealing with the struggle of the plot’s conflict, simply brought up a bible verse…and it really spoke to my heart,  In fact, it made my day. We need to be edifying and encouraging. That doesn’t mean there is always a hunky-dory happy ending and tons of fluff, but rather we can present a challenge that will build up the reader’s faith…young or old!”

Listen in as Brett discusses our Passion, our Reason, and our Purpose for writing in the Christian market. The session is followed by a Q&A.


Click here to listen:  Writing_to_Edify